Sunday, September 21, 2008

USA goes Socialist

The S__t has hit the Fan. The financial crises last week was very disturbing. Lots of us have plenty of money invested in stock market by way of Mutual Funds. I pay some attention to what is going on, and it is difficult to comprehend.

Point One....
The good old boys are cleaning up in the millions. We hear about political appointees getting million dollar bonuses after just a few years as head of Fannie and Freddy. They became millionaires working, or not working, less than forty or eighty hours a week. One of them made off with 21 million over the course of a few years. Think about it.... they put in their time, just like you and I, working. We get paid in the thousands per year, most of us less than fifty thousand, some way less. We work hard for our money and pay our taxes. And the tax money ends up in someones pocket, or overseas bank account. Why is this going on? Ask Chris Dodd, ask Barry Obama, ask Nancy Polosi, Ask Bill Clinton? Maybe even ask George Bush and ask Dick Cheney. I want to know why it happens. How come someone who works less than I do, probably much less can make so much money? Lets see, 52 weeks in the year less 4 weeks vacation, estimated, at say 50 hours per week equals 2,600 hours per year times 6 years equals 15,600 hours. Now 21 million divided by 15,600 hours equals the dollars grossed per hour.... lets see, $1,346 dollars per hour... and what do you make? Can these morons really be worth that kind of money compared to you and I? Copy and paste this and send it to your congressman or woman. Ask them to explain.

Thank You, The Only Missourian