Friday, August 8, 2008

First Random Thoughts

Hello Friends, 8/8/08

I am just starting this blog. Post number one. I am sitting here thinking about life and the future. We have a serious presidential election looming. I am worried. The Liberal wing seems to be in control of Congress. Their Candidate worries me greatly. For some strange reason I watched his speech in Springfield Illinois when he announced his run. He got my attention at that time. He is a good speech reader and garners much attention. The favorite of the media now. I listen to all the great talkers on the radio. I read what I can on the internet. It all worries me even more. This guy is not what I want for president. I do not like the other choice from the Republicans either. It will be a vote for the best of the worst. A vote against the other candidate, but not for someone I really want.
Neither of them seems to relate well with me. McCain blew it big time in the past for me. His stand for the illegals was bad. I called and wrote to my Congressional leaders and some others in congress. I voiced my opinion against it. We won, temporarily. If the democrat assumed nominee wins we will be in big trouble.
So here I sit, starting up a blog, to voice my thoughts to the world...
more soon...

Thanks, TheOnlyMissourian

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